Thursday, November 01, 2007

Items of Interest

-- There's a fascinating "greatest post" on DU about 200 year old nightgowns made from hemp. You should see the pictures.

-- Though I don't normally dally at DU's home page, I saw this post there and the title, Religion as FIFTH COLUMN: Thou Shalt Have No God Before Bush-Cheney, intrigued me since it was published on the same day as the story in the NY Times magazine, "End Times for Evangelicals? The Evangelical Crackup". I thought perhaps it might be further commentary on that article. It wasn't but it is interesting in its own right. Know any "fifth columnists"?

-- Appalling. Do we have a constitution any more?

-- Via Kos, Big Tent Democrat at Talk Left highlights the need for another blogger ethics conference.

-- And then there's Colonel Boylan and his bizarre series of communications with Glenn Greenwald. If you're not aware of it, Glenn includes lots of links to what's happened up to this point in time in this post at Salon and provided updates to the post, including the most recent one which indicates that the whole series of events is now covered in Salon's front-page article today.


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