Saturday, December 29, 2007

Nicely Done Matt

I've just finished admonishing the NY Times oped editor and Matt Bai of the NY Times turns around and writes one of the most thoughtful eulogies about a blogger that so many of us admired. H/T to kos.

Steve Gilliard was born into this Harlem 30gilliard-190and took it all in, but he wouldn’t find his voice on the corners. He was quiet, bookish, overweight. He won entrance to an elite high school, where he passed his time reading obscure military histories, then studied history and journalism at New York University. He found his true calling, though, on the Internet. In 1998, when he was 34, Gilliard joined a new site called, whose blogger-reporters chronicled the misadventures of the new high-tech work force, and there he discovered his own kind of incendiary oration. It was by the dim light of a computer screen, rather than on the sunlit corners of Harlem, that Gilliard took to expertly excoriating the moneyed establishment.

Do go read the whole thing. Steve's old gang at The Newsblog celebrate the article and Steve's impact and as good bloggers do, "gently correct" a few errors.
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Photo courtesy of the Gilliard family per NYT credit


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