Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Who's polling what? has some interesting stuff up but what really caught my eye was this comment posted by digbydolben at October 17, 2007 4:30 PM.

I don't have a land line either, and I'm voting for Obama, as well. Another thing you're not considering: many of us voting for Obama are not doing so on account of ideology--his or ours. The Republican candidates are married to failing policies and many centrist Republicans like me know it, and are willing to cross party lines to vote for Obama because he's HONEST and NON-IDEOLOGICAL, and, instead, pragmatic and respectful of centrist conservative ideas like mine. Also, he's AGAINST THE WAR, and Clinton will continue "neo-conservative" foreign policies and the "unitary executive" style of leadership, and we know it.

Why does this spell a "sleeper" victory for Obama? Take a look at all the important early primaries. They're "open" primaries--ones in which Republicans like me can cross party lines and vote for Obama. In these polls, you're only paying attention to registered Democrats and Independents, rather than to libertarians and centrist Republicans like me. WE are the ones who are going to surprise you in Iowa, New Hamphshire and South Carolina. And, then, if Hillary takes the nomination away from Obama--the only Democrat who, with a chance of winning, promises real change, we will either stay home on election day or vote for Ron Paul, the likely Libertarian candidate. That woman is a neo-fascist, like Bush, and the libertarian-leaning Democrats and Republicans are no more going to vote for her than for one of the Republican war-mongers.


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