Thursday, January 24, 2008

Former Chicago NOW President switches from Clinton to Obama

With a H/T to dkos diarist brainwrap, here's a couple very interesting video clips. In short, Lorna Brett Howard, a former president of the Chicago chapter of NOW, has taped a pretty devastating account of why she recently switched from supporting Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama.

Brainwrap summarizes the background on the video thus:

...[she] currently works for some unnamed major pro-choice organization in New York (thus she has heavy connections in both IL and NY, appropriately enough).

She says that she was supporting Hillary up through Iowa and New Hampshire; in Iowa she personally witnessed Hillary's people lying flat-out to young women about Obama's record on choice issues, telling them that Obama was "weak" on choice issues.

She says she worked closely with Obama in Illinois while he was a state Senator in the '90's, and knows for a fact that he had a 100% record with every pro-choice organization there is.

She then says that even after the Iowa incidents, she stuck with Hillary through New Hampshire--where she saw the flyer being passed around by the Hillary camp once again accusing Obama of being "weak" on choice; this was the final straw for her, so she switched over to supporting Obama.

She taped a second video ad describing "how Obama was the ONLY U.S. Senator to help out the pro-choice cause during the South Dakota abortion ban brouhaha".


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