Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Political Prosecution of Gov. Siegelman?

60 Minutes aired a segment on Sunday evening about the prosecution of Gov. Siegelman by the Bush DOJ and asks if it was politically motivated. Somehow it failed to air in parts of Alabama. The corporate office says the feed was fine. Larisa Alexandrovna has the definitive post on Siegelman, the 60 Minutes feature and what happened in Alabama. If you don't know who Siegelman is, I'd advise checking out her post. And if you missed the 60 Minutes segment yourself, CBS has kindly posted it on the net. Check it out below.

Diarist homerun adds this note at dailykos:

It has been 20 months since Siegelman’s trial ended and no trial transcript has been produced by Fuller's court. This is in violation of the rules of criminal procedure which require a transcript within 30 days of sentencing. Siegelman can't appeal his conviction with out an official trial transcript.

Source: donsiegelman.org

What kind of justice system do we have? What is going on in Alabama and the DOJ?


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