Monday, March 03, 2008

Washington Post: A Platform for Stupidity

The Washington Post published an article by Charlotte Allen that's amazing in its stupidity. I can't believe that they actually published it. It looks like she got the envelopes mixed up and sent it to the Washington Post instead of The Onion. My daughter, 21, and I, 50-something, are both equally insulted by this ridiculous bit of trash.

Connecticut radio talk show host Jim Vicevich has counted five separate instances in which women fainted at Obama rallies since last September. And I thought such fainting was supposed to be a relic of the sexist past, when patriarchs forced their wives and daughters to lace themselves into corsets that cut off their oxygen.

And it has nothing to do with the fact that people stood in line in bad weather for many hours in some cases, perhaps ill with colds or flu, dehydrated from lack of water and then felt faint from illness and dehydration?

Please, Charlotte Allen, go crawl back into bed and next time the urge hits you to write something, do us all a favor and hit the delete button when you're done.

UPDATE: What she said. Actually it seems Charlotte Allen is a miserable self-hating hack. Why did the WaPo give her any space at all, much less the front page?


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