Thursday, May 01, 2008

Items of Interest

-- Roger Simon at Politico really smacks down the Hillary number counting approach in this post. He agreed with me.

-- Obama received the endorsement today of superdelegate Joe Andrew, former DNC chair appointed by Bill Clinton and current Indiana resident. Dkos diarist slinkerwink has posted the entire letter from Mr. Andrew about his decision. It's a must-read:  The Amazing SuperDelegate Letter of Joe Andrew

-- One of my favorite Kossacks, Unitary Moonbat, who does the History for Kossacks series has a new book coming out. Check out this announcement diary:

History for Kossacks: Role-Playing Games, the Crusades, and Moonbat's Book

-- Sen. Kerry tells the Traditional Media to get focused on the right things. KerryVision, Daily Kos and TPMCafe all cheer.

-- Reuters lines up the policy wonks who all think that the gas tax holiday is a really bad idea. H/T to Ben Smith And ABC News does the same with this clip per Matt Yglesias: "...a reporter informs us that he spoke to several economists about the issue and they all agree that "Obama is essentially right" that what Clinton and McCain are proposing wouldn't accomplish anything".

And here's Obama's comment on it during an Indiana appearance if you haven't already seen it.

-- The MOMocrats blog disliked the PA debate as much as I did and came up with their own questions for Obama and Hillary and sent them off to the respective campaigns. Obama has answered them. Good questions. Good answers. H/T once again to Ben Smith

A side-note: I just want to say I love the MOMocrats blog comment policy.

Comment Policy: Use Your Big Girl Voice

We would love to hear from you, so please feel free to comment or ask questions. Please use your inside voice and mind your manners. Potty mouths, fibbers, and bullies will be given a timeout. Don't make us moderate you.

-- A TPMCafe report from a NC resident about Obama's appearance at the UNC's Dean Dome offers something a little different from the current CW line the corpmedia are pedaling.

-- OpenLeft diarist JewishJake has an interesting post about Obama's appearance on Fox News. He discusses it in the light of Dan Rather's interview of Bush 1 and the subsequent right-wing conservative reaction to CBS. What really caught my eye was the video clip of Rather's interview of Bush. You'd never see that kind of interview of a Republican candidate in today's media. It will take your breath away to realize just how different yesterday's journalists are from today's lapdogs and stenographers. Check it out here:

and here:

Go read the entire post for additional background on what happened then and how it relates to what's happening with today's media chorus.


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