Thursday, October 18, 2007

Worse than a sin...

Steve Benen highlighted the response of the AG candidate, Michael Mukasey, to Sen. Leahy's inquiries about his stand on the Bybee letter concerning torture and noted the lack of outcry from Republican leaders in comparison to their declarations when Sen. Durbin made the same point in much the same way a couple years ago.

TPM noted this and provided video as well.

TPMMuckraker reported:

The Bybee memo is "worse than a sin, it's a mistake," Mukasey said. He referenced the photographs taken by U.S. troops who liberated the Nazi concentration camps in 1945 to document the "barbarism" the U.S. opposed. "They didn't do that so we could duplicate what we oppose." Beyond legal restrictions barring torture clearly, torture is "antithetical to what this country stands for."

Dare I hope that we finally have an Attorney General nominee that really understands that torture is complete anathema to the Constitution and the founding concepts of our country?


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