Friday, January 04, 2008

Items of Interest

-- Took a spin by RedState to see how they were looking at yesterday's primary and found this in my scrolling:

This is the most impressed damn thing I've ever seen in a political campaign. Holy Cow.

Don't think those are quite the words I'd use to describe it. And as for RedState's reaction to the Dem side of the primary, the main impact seems to be the addition of a photo atop their main column today showing the fiery crash of the Hindenburg with the text: Congrats Obama! So much for Hilary's inevitability

-- Charles Peters, the founder of the Washington Monthly, has an op-ed at the Washington Post:
People who complain that Barack Obama lacks experience must be unaware of his legislative achievements. One reason these accomplishments are unfamiliar is that the media have not devoted enough attention to Obama's bills and the effort required to pass them, ignoring impressive, hard evidence of his character and ability.

Since most of Obama's legislation was enacted in Illinois, most of the evidence is found there -- and it has been largely ignored by the media in a kind of Washington snobbery that assumes state legislatures are not to be taken seriously.

-- Kevin Drum adds his two cents about Obama's skill as a legislator. The update from Archpundit is interesting.

-- Steve Benen at The Carpetbagger report also comments on the Washington Monthly editor's op-ed about Obama's legislative skills, Archpundit's comment and adds in this link to an Obsidian Wings post by Hilzoy written over a year ago about Obama's achievements in the Senate.

-- Mahablog's characterization of "Bwana Broder's" latest comment is priceless:

Populism clearly is distressing to Bwana. How he longs for the days when well-bred aristocrats in powdered wigs and satin coats gathered in tastefully decorated drawing rooms to make decisions on behalf of the simple peasants.


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