Thursday, January 10, 2008

Items of Interest

-- nyceve does it again with this diary, "I'm going naked". If you haven't seen her diaries before, they're well worth your time.

-- Gail Collins opens with a great paragraph in this NYT column:

Whatever your politics, people, you have to admit this is one great presidential race. What next? Fred Thompson takes Florida on a sympathy vote from retirees? (They like a leader who’s really, really rested.) John Edwards finds a new emotion for South Carolina? (Anger is so cold weather.) I don’t think anyone can top Mike Gravel’s speech to the New Hampshire high school students when he told them to avoid alcohol and stick with marijuana. But really, we’re ready for anything.

-- Dana does blogging... sort of. Dan Froomkin drew my attention to this:

From Dana Perino's press gaggle yesterday: "One note. As we leave for the Middle East trip today, we will begin posting periodic updates from the senior staff that's traveling with the President on a website -- on our website, It will be called "Trip Notes from the Middle East." This is new to us. We encourage you to log on and to check back often to read some of the updates that the staff will be posting throughout the trip. So it will be just a little bit of a blog."

Q: "Blog?"

Perino: "A little bit like a blog, yes -- dare I say."

Well, Dana, nice try but not quite a blog.

-- Dan Froomkin also does a nice summary on the White House email situation in Email Watch.

-- And last but not least, Dan pointed out a good cartoon from Luckovich.


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