Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Items of Interest

-- Tim Russert did not distinguish himself by last night's performance in the last Democratic candidates' debate. I've reread this diary at dkos at least three times now and it keeps on getting better. It puts Russert's Farrakhan business in perspective.

-- Matt Yglesias had already sussed up Timmy in "The Unbearable Inanity of Tim Russert". Just add last night's 'gotcha' performance to the list of inanities.

-- Interesting post at TPMCafe on why Obama should reject public financing for the general election campaign.

-- MoDo (aka Maureen Dowd) takes a swipe or two at Hillary. One thing you have to say for Maureen's writing -- the images are always vivid.

-- US magazine slide show with captions by Barack.

-- One of the most temperate and reasoned rebuttals of the Obama smear emails I've seen.


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