Friday, March 14, 2008

Black and Missing But Not Forgotten

AndyT has done an important service to us all by highlighting a blog that attempts to cover something that corporate media sadly neglects.

Chioma Gray's picture ... Franciene Black's little girl, the teenager who loved her new Chihuahua puppy, who was close to her family. Her name is Chioma Gray and she's gone. Missing since December 13th. Not a trace.

But nobody cares. Nobody outside of her family noticed. It hasn't made the news. It's like Chioma Gray does not exist.

There is someone besides her family who noticed. There is someone who cares. Her name is Deidra and she runs a blog called Black and Missing but Not Forgotten, a blog devoted to to missing black women and children whose cased are overlooked and ignored by the media. And Deidra could use your help.

One dkos commenter mentioned how he learned of the blog with a link and a quote that sums it up well:

over at

The Stepha Henry Case Takes A Turn For The Worse

I could go off on some tangent about how that pregnant marine story is all over the news, yet I wouldn't have heard about the break in this case unless my readers told me about it. Would more media attention to Henry's disappearance have possibly lead to her safe return? The world will never know.

Why is it that the media, and by proxy (in some cases), the police don't seem to care about missing people of the wrong hue? If you're a male college student like Julian McCormick, a female college student like Henry, or any age above and below, reality is, you better find your own damn self, because nobody will be looking for you. Except for your family, friends, and Black and Missing, nobody cares. There is no Laquita Alert.

AndyT has a number of specific things that each of us can do to help Deidra and most of them are easily done. I've added Deidra's blog logo to my sidebar and viewed and recommended her youtube video. Go read AndyT's diary and then see what you can do to help out.


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