Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Items of Interest

-- Jesselyn Radack called for action yesterday in a diary about an EPA whistleblower who's just been fired. Mary Gade refused to back down on a study of serious dioxin contamination in western Michigan and her attempts to get the source of pollution stopped and the contamination cleaned up. Jesselyn noted a few items worth repeating here:

"There is all of this mystique about dioxin . . .Just because it's there doesn't mean there is an imminent health threat."
Jim Musser
Dow Chemical spokesman

"[The only way someone could be exposed to dioxin is if they] eat the dirt."
Bob VanDeventer
President, Saginaw Chamber of Commerce

FACT: Low levels of dioxin have been found to cause cancer, immune system disorders, and reproductive problems.

FACT: Saginaw Bay, one of the sites Mary Gade sought to clean up, has the highest concentration of dioxin ever recorded in the country.

The Chicago Tribune has the whole story.

-- Keith Olbermann does a masterful job summarizing the "Clinton Rules" concerning which votes really count. Just wait till he gets to his final summation sentence at the end! H/T to dsharma23

-- I bet Mrs. Conyers wishes she hadn't lost her temper. And I hope someone is looking out for Ms. Kierra Bell. That young woman has a bright future.


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