Monday, May 05, 2008

State-by-State List of Cost of Gas Tax Holiday

dkos diarist Jimmy Crackcorn posted a chart from the American Road & Transportation Builders Association which pretty well sums up just how ridiculous Clinton and McCain's gas tax holiday proposals really are.


Jimmy went on to say:
John McCain and Hillary Clinton have suggested suspending Federal Taxes on all Gasoline/Diesel sold between Memorial Day (5/26) and Labor Day (9/1) this year. According to this study by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association, this "Gas Tax Holiday" will lower tax revenue for infrastructure by roughly $9 billion and potentially cost 300,000 highway construction jobs. The highway trust fund that the gas tax finances provides money to states and local governments to pay for road and bridge construction, repair and maintenance.

Obama addressed this issue on Meet The Press yesterday and not only explained what was wrong with the gas tax holiday concept but clearly laid out what he plans to do to address the rising cost of gasoline and oil consumption.


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