Thursday, October 18, 2007 launches

Yesterday the website techpresident launched their new project,, opening a new and unique venue in which every day citizens can participate in their democracy. They've gathered a number of co-sponsors including the NY Times, MSNBC and a broad selection of blogs. Check out their video introducing it below.

Starting today [10-17-2007], the sponsors of 10Questions are asking their millions of readers and the larger public to submit online video questions addressed to the candidates using a variety of platforms (YouTube, MySpace, Yahoo, and, tagging their video with the word “10Questions.” The 10Questions site will then find and display those questions and enable the public to vote up or down on these submissions. At the end of four weeks, on November 14, we'll stop the voting and after a quick audit to check against ballot-stuffing, the top ten vote-getting questions will be submitted to all the major candidates.

The candidates will then have four weeks, from November 17 to December 15, to submit answers to be posted online. As those responses are posted, the public will be given the opportunity to vote again, up or down, on whether the candidates have answered the questions to their satisfaction. Users can vote on as many videos as they like, but they only get one vote per IP address. The process will end December 31.

They've already got some questions lined up including this one which TPM highlighted in their post about

Go check out the other questions and make up your own.


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