Saturday, November 03, 2007

C-SPAN: more is better

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If you liked 'em before, you'll really love 'em now.



Not to worry, the original site is still there, thank goodness. If you're a C-SPAN junkie like we all are, you know that has always had a ton of great stuff. And they still do. Links to related sites, like CapitolHearings and Book TV, and streaming video of all three channels, and C-SPAN Radio. But now the heavens have opened up and rained down a brand-spankin' new C-SPAN site with zillions of videos that let devotees of the Senate and House while away the hours watching all our favorite shows.

And it's not even Christmas.

Even better than the Video Archives is the Congressional Chronicle, which has ...

wait for it ...


Search by Senator, or watch the entire day. Doesn't matter if you're stuck at work during the action, you can see it all when you get home.

Oh, my.

Right now, I'm watching Rep. Jason Altmire from April 23, 2007 speak on the House floor on a resolution regarding the Rachel Carson Post Office Building.

They even have random screen captures, so if you keep hitting 'F5', you can refresh the photo of the Senator or Congress member of your choice and find some really good (and some truly horrible) shots. Not that I've done that. But I've heard it's possible.

You can search by bill, by person or by date. It's absolutely fabulous.

Gotta go watch JK speak on the Emergency Supplemental from last May.

So, it's 'pick your own video day'. I recommend the March 2004 Firefighters Conference speech. Excellent.

Enjoy, and Thanks C-SPAN!
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