Sunday, November 04, 2007

Items of Interest

-- Andrew Sullivan has a long article up at The Atlantic about Obama and why his candidacy is different.

-- On the Media is one of my NPR favorites though I usually end up listening to the podcast since they air it at the insane hour of 6 am on a Saturday morning on my NPR station. In a recent program, Brooke Gladstone interviewed AP reporter Peter Svensson about the Comcast bittorrent blocking story. It's a good listen.


-- Today's KerryVision post points out that the Pakistan alert was put out much earlier. It also links to the SFRC hearing on Syria which has developed into its own crisis state with the addition of 1.5 million refugees from the war in Iraq.

-- George Packer at Huffington Post has summarized the plight of the Iraqi refugees attempting to enter the US and the utter and complete incompetence of the State Department. Makes you just want to scream. Another Bush crony demonstrates why he is the worst president ever.


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