Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ben Smith on Who ID'ed Obama First

From Ben Smith of Politico:

I've been reading back to some of the coverage before it became clear, early last year, that Obama would enter the race, or that he would be as strong as he now is. And I thought it was worth giving some credit to writers and others who seem to have gotten it right -- about his strength, whether or not he closes the deal.

Anyway, give Ryan Lizza some credit. He wrote the December, 2005 New Republic piece titled, "Why Barack Obama Should Run for President in 2008."

The next November, Lynn Sweet wrote with confidence that he'd run, and mapped out his campaign.

That December, Markos Moulitsas wrote an item titled "2008: If Obama runs, he wins."

Jonathan Alter also flagged Obama's strength in a Newsweek cover story late that year.

I'd add the documentarian Amy Rice, who started working on what is now a quietly, eagerly anticipated campaign film not all that long after his 2004 convention speech.

My latest entry is in May, 2007, when Andrew Sullivan called him the "Reagan of the Left" in terms that are very familiar now.

This isn't by any means a comprehensive list, just a few that stuck in my head. Please send in other examples, and I'll add them.

UPDATE: How could I forget Eric Zorn? He predicted an Obama run on January 20, 2005; and outlined his great strength very early last year.

Also, Tomasky in November of 2006 looked at the potential for Obama's "new politics."


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