Friday, February 29, 2008

Real plagiarism by WH staffer Tim Goeglein

First, a shout out to Hillary's campaign people. This is plagiarism.

Nancy Nall, former reporter for the Fort Wayne, IN News-Sentinel, spotted something a little unusual in a column written for her former employer by Tim Goeglein, who has "worked in the Bush White House since 2001 as the Bush administration's liaison to religious organizations".

When I saw he had a piece in the paper Thursday, the day after Buckley died, I thought for a second the wait was over, then spotted the headline — Education: Ideas worth defending, honesty of reflective thought — and realized, no, this has been in the pipeline for a while.

Not that it was a total disappointment. I started to read, and a name jumped out at me — “Eugene Rosenstock-Hussey,” described as a “notable professor of philosophy at Dartmouth.” Now, I’m sure Tim’s spare brain space isn’t cluttered, as mine is, with “American Idol,” the internet and what’s-for-dinner concerns. Certainly string quartets waft through his paneled study, where he reads and thinks under the mounted ibex head, far from the vulgar buzz of pop culture. Surely he can acquaint himself with notable professors of philosophy at Dartmouth while I watch the Oscars. But this name was so goofy, just for the hell of it, I Googled it. And look what I found.

Go look at her examples and scroll down and look at the updates to the post in which other commenters and bloggers have now identified other examples of Mr. Goeglein's plagiarism.

The Ben Domenech school of writing indeed. H/T to Atrios


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